Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Semoga Cepat Sembuh

Life is so unexpected and the world would never stop spinning, no..never!. You could be happy now bitching about Fuck-Face Humphries, and the next 2hours, you could find yourself crying, devastated, and even worst, when you got to know that your friend is dying.

This is what happened to me yesterday (05/12/2011). I was so happy chatting with friends in FB, sharing pictures, gossiping, . I kept on browsing and reading my friends' wall posts, til I read one of the posts mentioned '*****accident dgn lori, and she's still unconcious, she's badly injured, she's now tgh nazak'.....what???Ada betul ka?? And according to one of my friends, she was driving alone from Klang to Pahang at 4am...

I am now still trying to digest the catastrophe. Dear God, I hope that You help her to go through it, please..please save her.

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